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The King of all Gingers....
Once the media, shows such as South Park, and the population of people with other hair colors drive those with Ginger hair color to the point of sheer anger, frustration, depression, and possibly even close to extinction, the Ginger King will appear and will take control to explain to the world why everyone needs Gingers and why Gingers are more normal if not superior to those with different color hair. This will bring about a new era, where Gingers are no longer made fun of but looked upon as role models and keys members of Society. When this time will come is uncertain.
Poor Ginger kid: I warn you now, the day will come when you will no longer make fun of me

Viva el Ginger king!

Bully: Looks like it's national kick a ginger day

Ginger: But I am not different than you
Bully: You have no soul Ginger Bitch

Ginger: I was born from normal parents just like you , I dont deserve this
Bully: Shut up and just accept it Pumpkin Gut
Ginger King: Why would you harm a defensless kid just because of his hair color?
Bully: you are a ginger too fag
Ginger King: I've had enough of you, your a fatass who has no soul yourself and has to take it out on a poor kid with red hair just because your gonna be jealous in ten years when you see your girlfriend cheating on with him. YOUR NOT EVEN WORTH BEING IN THE LOWEST PITS OF HELL!
Bully: runs off in fear
Ginger: thanks ginger king
Ginger King dissapears to help another abused red-head
by ShyRonnnie December 07, 2009
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Drink that tastes like an Orange Julius made with Captain Morgan, Ginger ale, and OJ.
This Ginger King that Suzi created is Amazing!
by GingerKingSuz July 14, 2016
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