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They are owners of great personalities.

It is very challenging to love them, but once you love them, you can never ever let them go.

They have a good sence of humour and make good leaders. They are fun to party with.

Gillsus are very difficult to get to know, since they keep everyone from getting any closer to them. They hate the feeling of being vulnerable.

They are very proud people. They like acting arrogant and tough. But only a hand full of people really get to know that beneath the tough cover there is a sweet and caring heart.
They have a short temper.

They are sincere in their hearts and would do anything for their loved ones.

They are one of a kind and you can call yourself lucky if you have someone like Gillsu in your life.
- The party was so boring, there was no one you could have real good conversation with!

- Yeah, too bad Gillsu wasn't present.. would have been fun with him!
by RobynnSchrebatsky December 17, 2011
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