Usually a tall, brown eyed , blond haired man , he tends to fuck her right in the pussy and no matter what has his friends backs. He tends to suck dick every now and the but yk.
“Gilbert Moore is so cool he is respectful and especially horny.”
by Madonajatsb February 14, 2020
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Incidental nudity. Nudity in situations not intended to be sexual. Such as a woman on a ladder changing a lightbulb, or doing her taxes. A favorite of Gilbert Gottfried, for whom it is named.
A woman vacuuming naked?!? That is some perfect Gilbert nudity!
by Lily White Lilith July 15, 2017
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a dead pair of balls cut off and trimmed by the ball trimmer tm. gilbert is a fictional character from a fellow wattpad fanfiction of sangwoo ile imama doğru who is also a mafya and stole the kidneys of his tinder date because she called him small.
gilberts balls are not real
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Gilbert’s Illinois is a small town in northern Illinois filled with a bunch of hicks everywhere but the “wannabe” ghetto of timber trails, Gilbert’s Illinois has a hot spot at cruisins where a bunch of old white people like to talk about how kids nowadays aren’t shit.
Let’s go to Gilberts Illinois and pick up some milfs at cruisins
by Fuck60136 October 20, 2021
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an amazing looking person, hot, sexy, sometimes emo. But he’s the best fucking guy you will know.

ur gay
Jack Gilbert is amazing
by March 4, 2022
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The quarterback with his first professional start against the undefeated Steelers and is 7-0
Garret Gilbert is torching the cowboys.
by RyanDaking1 November 8, 2020
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