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Giftmas is, essentially, Christmas with the religious aspects of the holiday removed.

The name Giftmas makes it seem like an empty, materialistic holiday, but truthfully, the gift in Giftmas is more about nonmaterial gifts like love, togetherness, community, friendship, kindness, and the spirit of generosity, both material and non. Giftmas is a time to do something special to show the loved ones in your life that you care about them, and to remember the less fortunate if you can with generosity in the form of donated money, gifts, food, clothing, volunteer work..etc.

Giftmas incorporates many nonreligious Christmas traditions, such as Holiday Trees (or Giftmas Trees) Candy canes, Santa Claus, stuffed stockings, gifts under the tree, songs in the spirit of the winter holiday season, gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, baking in general, the colors red and green, wearing red hats with white trim & puffball...etc.
When someone says Merry Christmas to me, I reply with Merry Giftmas. They usually cant hear the difference.
by JessK December 12, 2005
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A whored out commercial holiday, about buying gifts for people and making big corporations happen. Reason leads us to believe some point in time it might have meant something else.
The 25th of December is giftmas day.
by Jase December 11, 2003
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Alternative to Christmas

There once was a holiday called "Christ"mas celebrating the birth of "christ". on this day people went to church or something and gave gifts to one another. But many people have wisened up since then. The focus of "Christ"mas is no longer the birth of "christ". It is now focus on gifts. The shift on focus for this holiday is where the name Giftmas comes from. Now people celebrate Giftmas in much the same way as they used to celebrate "christ"mas. the exception is that now, people no longer waste the time they could be using celebrating with there family on church and worshiping fictional charcters.
"Happy Giftmas!" - Random guy that passes by you on the street during the Giftmas Season.
by Nick Scratch December 23, 2006
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This word is what non-Christians, who are non-religious and who celebrate Christmas, will call Christmas.
Person 1: I'm Buddhist!
Person 2: Do you celebrate Christmas?
Person 1: No, I celebrate Giftmas.
by crabbit December 25, 2010
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