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A fucking dumb and rich idiot person that thinks all stuff comes to him and treats everybody else like they are inferior to him.Usually uses slaves (low personality people) for purchasing food
He always thinks that he's the funniest guy, but he also does solve his problems by force, thinking that will impress all girls around, who also think that he's stupid as shit.
He doesn't realize that he's whack, and all the people around thinks of him as a germ.
He can`t spell to many words correctly as he never read a book, but in his opinion he is too smart
Yo watch this my garage is full of cars!

Hey go buy me some donuts!
But is in the middle of math class!
Who cares i`m rich.
What a Gibon.
by Noradon April 09, 2009
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'Gibon' - in polish means 'blunt', 'joint'.
'Gibon' is taken from word 'Gubernator' (eng. governer) -
i realy don't know why, but it is.

It's a new word - invention by me and my homie Radi during smokin 'sticky icky icky' :)

- Yo bro pass the gibon maaaan!
- Hush bro, just do another gibon maaaan!

by St.Koma November 01, 2006
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