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The most annoying kid in the whole world. He will follow you around and bother you to be funny. If he is not doing this he is worshiping you because that's just who he is. There is also a rumor that he likes his best friends crush. Also, he can't eat spice for his life. He cried when he ate a jalapeño chip.
Giampaolo bothers everyone

Giampaolo is wierd
by JuiceMan30 July 01, 2018
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To masturbate furiously while sobbing uncontrollably. Often done as a joke, using the popular mimic of "jacking off" while fake-crying.
This is a tactic used to intimidate/provoke an enemy/friend, or it can be a way to vent internal despair/depression. In the worst cases, it can simply be an uncontrollable habit (see Brian, or Shewfelt).
Dan just couldn't stop giampaoloing alone in his room, after having failed his math test.

Brian started to giampaolo when he was rejected by every girl at the party.
by ArushaofDenmark September 15, 2008
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