Another name for snapchat. Usually used when asking a person for their snapchat.
Bobby: "Hey Lindsay, can I get your ghost?"
Lindsay: "Sure, I'd love to!"
by t_adds October 03, 2016
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(verb) 1) to ghost someone, or ghosting someone; 2) Similar to the 'Superman', a ghost - or ghosting- is the act in which a male withdraws his penis before ejaculating and cums all over the girls face, soon to be followed by the application of a bed sheet over her face/head. With good form, the sheet should adhere to the girls face and subsequently produce a ghost.
"So, last night, I gave my girl a ghost!"
- "No shit! She was down for a ghosting?"
"No dawg, I ghost that hoe when she wasn't even expecting it!"
by KickRocks January 21, 2008
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Ghost- is a complete idiot, the very meaning of stupidity
Ghost is a fag
Ghost likes to take up the ass
by Funto August 08, 2004
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Allowing da-herb smoke to pour out of you mouth in the shape of a ghost, and then inhaling it all back in.
Shitttt son, that ghost sent me flying...
by gooch&lads May 01, 2011
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1.) A sensation caused by the consumption of sinsemilla.
2.) Being so high you become transparent.
"Dude, I'm so ghost right now." "Guys. I'm a ghost. Look through my transparent belly."
by The Bitter Buffalo December 21, 2009
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"some kid died....ghost ghost"

"i dont even ghost"

"thats mad ghost"

"yeah..ghost i guess"

"its just like ghost, you know?"

"thats quite ghost"
by R.Gauche October 26, 2006
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