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The sexual act of using your vaginal region to promote stimulation of the penile shaft without penetration on a poor unsuspecting soul with or without clothes on.
Amy couldn’t feel wether or not her current situation was inside her, so she became a ghost rider till completion.
by Talking Pineapple May 26, 2019
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A flaming leather clad skeleton possesed by the devil to punish the guilty and hunt down rouge demons. Johnny Blaze is this superhero's true identity. When Blaze is Ghost Rider, he displays super-human strentgh and resilience, and wields a hellfire shotgun and a hellfire infused chain. His motorcycle is capable of reaching near impossible speed and can ride up vertical walls and across the surface of water. His greatest weapon is "Pennance Stare", which is where he locks eyes with you and makes you experience all the pain you have ever caused, which basically drives you mad, then destroys your soul.
Earth Demon: Have mercy!
Ghost Rider: Sorry, out of mercy.
by Bionicle718 April 27, 2007
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When you are having sex with a girl, and your buddy watches through the window. you leave the room for a minute, and switch places with your friend, while the girl does not know that shes having sex with your friend, not you. you then knock on the window and wave at her.
she screamed after he performed the ghost rider.
by ryan- ohio February 02, 2004
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No...There is actually a 'Ghost Rider' that is better than that T.V show made for 5 year olds.
'Ghost Rider' is a European motorbike rider that makes a living from performing dangerous, high-speed stunts on his bike. His activities are highly illegal and he is wanted by many police. He wears only black, his bike is black and he never ever takes his helmet off...Making his identity Ghost like.
"Have you seen GhostRider 3 - The Final Ride?"
by Diego November 18, 2003
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the act of innitiating sex, with someone who is completely asleep and un aware, and finishing anyway. The instigator is the ghost rider.
I was passed out last night but my girlfriend was horny and pulled the ghost rider on me
by Spyro1509 November 19, 2010
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