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When you block someone from Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, stop replying to texts, and stop answering their calls.
Dude that Bitch is crazy, I had to initiate the ghost protocol.
by ucfcmo1987 September 09, 2016
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When you delete yourself from all social media outlets. Erasing yourself from the “world” and not allowing anyone to contact you aside from text or calls. It’s as if you died on the face of the earth, but in cyber space. This can be applied to let go of distractions that accompany social media. Or a great way to just start over after a certain period of time and deleting the person you once were.
With all the friends/family my ex has in common with me, I had to enact ghost protocol to free myself of the daily pain and constant reminders of her.

I am tired of being distracted by social media yet can’t seem to get off, I’m going into ghost protocol to help myself focus.
by Smarti84 May 08, 2018
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When in a situation of heightened sensitivity e.g. at a new partner's apartment, a house party, unisex toilet with a queue etc. and you need to have a poo-poo, the act of timing the flush to coincide with the dump in order to minimise the presence of the offending matter within the confines of the room to effectively nil, thus maintaining the room's aromatic integrity.
"Last night's burrito caught up with me slap bang in the middle of brunch at the mother-in-law's, but I managed to initiate ghost protocol."
by Gavvygavgav July 12, 2017
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When your penis is uncircumcised and unbonerfied and looks like Tom Cruise incognito in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Bro, i saw your penis reported in ghost protocol when you passed out on your blackout birthday night
by The Don Dadadadad November 28, 2012
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When you fuck with a girl then completely block her out of your life and never talk to her again. In a sense of “Ghost”.
“Yeah he asked her for nudes then Ghost Protocol’d her”

“Dang he really ghosted that b***h
by Somethingthatscool May 31, 2018
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