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This is when you are typing on the computer while distracted or not viewing the screen, and you look up the words you had typed have seemingly disappeared. This is a common problem with many hunt and peck typers because they rarely look up to see what they typed. Dial-up internet can cause lag which does not help either.. Also if you have multiple windows open, while in the act of typing a private message, a simple pop-up or loading window can take over and revert your typing to that site or program. This seems harmless and more annyoing than anything but, most of today's society shares everything online and with the help of popular sharing sites like: Facebook or Myspace one can cause serious self-embarassment by misplacing information.
..As Chad and Colby chat about how they "scored" last night.. Chad, who is a slow typer with dial up, falls victim to Ghost Typing and posts his message as his facebook status..
Chad: So did you get anywhere with Taylor last night?

Colby: Nahh bro.. We're gonna wait..

Chad: Haha! sucks for you Mr. LTR!

Colby: Yeahh whatever man.. Did you score with Rebecca?

(Chads Facebook status finally loads)

Chad: (On Facebook) Rebecca? Hell yea I was hittin that all night long baby! But I gotta roll man pz out..

(Chad gets offline without noticing anything)

Colby: ... Haha he got offline, someones not proud..

Next Day on campus..

Colby: Hey bro, why did you sign off with out replying last night?

Chad: What? Yea I did man.. Your computer must have probs.. But anyways.. I tore that shit up!

(Rebeccas boyfriend, Rick, walks up)

Rick: Hey Chad.. So I heard what you and Becca did..

Chad: H-How?

Rick: Your status..

Colby: Haha peace out man your screwed..

Chad: ....

The moral is.. Don't be like Chad.

by Jordash #17 March 11, 2009
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