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An individual, usually a neighbor, who is for no apparent reason extremely loud and/or obnoxious both vocally and physically. Slamming doors to home or vehicle. No action is done with consideration for any other persons in the vacinity.
Man 1-"Dang, did you feel the apartment shake?"

Man 2-"Yeah, the ghettozilla upstairs is on the move."
by CrAzYrArE May 14, 2013
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The Wrecker, The Destroyer. Someone of humble beginnings, but grown large in stature and/or personality. Often having lizard like appearance or qualities: sensitivity to sound, color blindness, forked tongue, but unable to camouflage into surroundings. Ghettozilla's evolution is especially peculiar as the species has made a transition from the warmer habitat of the South Pacific, to the colder climates of the Northern hemisphere.
"Hey, what happened here!?"
"Dude- Ghettozilla turned up.. ate everything, blew up the speakers, started spitting fire and reigning down with full wrath of the ghetto. He funked this place up!!"
by BetterBowDownWhenTheRulerCome. October 22, 2013
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