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5 definitions by Ariesian

The creamy white substance that is spewed from a males engorged throbbing phallus once ultimate pleasure has been arrived upon due to oral stimulation.
Man 1-"Wow, dude your teeth look absolutely amazing! What is your secret?"

Man 2-" I always make sure to brush my teeth at least twice a day with my boyfriends Cock Paste!"
by Ariesian September 12, 2013
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An individual that has dedicated his/herself to perfecting the art of oral sex and is a member of the oral sex community and is in the upper echelon of said community.
Hey Steve, look there goes Jacob. He's the most talented of the Falatiolites of Midtown.
by Ariesian March 12, 2014
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The biggest, baddest, strongest and most intelligent type of bear in the known world. Thought of as The Godfather of the Gay's of Atlanta. One who all will come to in order to gain guidance and help with any troubled situations. As well, if tricked by and with Lil' Bear, will immediately come to confess truths of the actions of Lil' Bear so as not to suffer the wrath of Poodle Bear. Loved and revered by all (except lil bear's alter-ego).
Man 1: " Who is that over there? Everyone seems to want to seek his audience for some reason."
Man 2: " That's the Great Poodle Bear. He can help anyone with their problems in the gay world. He knows everyone and everything from what I hear. It's a great honor to be granted the assistance of the Great Poodle Bear."
by Ariesian February 11, 2019
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Potentrick is someone who has the chance of becoming a future sexual "trick" for someone in the Gay Community.
"Ooooh, pride is going to be full of Potentricks I've never even had the pleasure of being pleasured by before."
by Ariesian July 20, 2019
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An individual, usually a neighbor, who is for no apparent reason extremely loud and/or obnoxious both vocally and physically. Slamming doors to home or vehicle. No action is done with consideration for any other persons in the vacinity.
Man 1-"Dang, did you feel the apartment shake?"

Man 2-"Yeah, the ghettozilla upstairs is on the move."
by Ariesian May 14, 2013
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