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Not the traditional white people type, mainstream, T.V. Steve Urkel nerd, but someone who has ghetto characteristics, lives in the ghetto and participates in ghetto activities (probably because they don't come from money either), but at the same time is a nerd, not popular in the hood, tries to keep his or her head in the books, and aspires to get out of the hood through education and legal jobs.
The young dude that never comes out to hang out or be all in the streets but you see him daily going back and forth to school, 'cause he lives right around the corner.
Don't worry about Lisa she gone be alright she ain't no chicken head, she don't be in the streets with them thugs, she a ghetto nerd, right when she get off the bus she go straight to her Mama's and be in the books.

Don't be a Wangsta in attempt to avoid being a Ghetto Nerd, it's really not that serious!
by GhettoRichNerd August 22, 2007
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