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Ghetto Rat is the term for a girl who lives in the hood and has no other ambitions other than to get pregnant and/or be saved (removed from the hood) by a man.
by mauriciagrant October 20, 2003
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Slang term for a child that resides in an underprivledged urban area.
While driving through a rough section of Chicago, we saw three Ghetto Rats playing double dutch in the street.
by Mort_da_man July 14, 2003
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the common ghetto rat (male) usually wears white air force 1 or jordans. they usually wear true religion up too their knees supported by a green and red gucci belt. in the winter they equip their counterfeit stone island jackets and beenie hats. For the summer they wear army camo shorts and socks with marajuanna leaves as the design.

the ghetto rat is normally no less than 100 meters from a mcdonalds which is where it gets its nutrition from. it is also near a bus or train station where it spawns from.
the ghetto rat has the shittest attitude and does not care about school as it attends a place noone wants to be commonly known as "unit". the ghetto rat think he will become in to londons top drug lords but by the age of 31 is still living with his parents and selling weed by the chicken shop.
social networking
this is where the ghetto rat contacts his fellow rats and wants to tell the whole world about his shit activities he does to disturb public peace. the ghetto rat can be found on instagram where it usually posts clothing that it bought from the market. It also poses with money in its hand and has a caption of "ballin".On twitter the ghetto rat usually retweets useless vines, pointless irrelevant thoughts and faggish song lyrics no one cares about preferably from rap artists.the Ghetto rat is let out at night by his single mother from his council flat and too mug and steal things of people smaller than it.
jakequan: na blud i cant eat as mumzy is cookin for me
jermaine: ite, ite i iz goin to eat at mcds cos my mum is a crack whore
fred: you are ghetto rats
by hater of ghetto rats May 03, 2014
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nothin but a st8r up crack fiend who will fuck anybody and everybody to get her hands on abit ov freebase
mostly see them walkin da cold streets waitin 2 b pickin up for abit ov ruff sex
Ginja Joels mum is a ghetto rat
by matthewbouvier April 01, 2009
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