1) Cheap Scratch Off Tickets 2) Low life individual who usually resides in Public housing or historically ghetto community with a documented arrest record getting shot by the po-lice . The family of these scumbags would typically consult with a lowlife lawyer and in turn sue the city for at least 10 million dollars. The individual is either dead or a paraplegic at this point, but individual's family is now assured a high quality life.
Tyrone : Ma I got shot 25x by the po po, I swears all I did was not drop my realistically looking gun like object when they ordered me to.

Tyrone's Mom: Stay dead Trizzle, so I can win the Ghetto Lottery!
by Niggarachee5 April 28, 2011
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1. The system that many American Negroids participate in. Baby momma pumps out as many nigglets as possible so she can get her wellfare and food stamps. The nigglets are extremely unlikely to amount to anything because they strive to become the next glorified ape, attempting to follow in the footsteps of niggars such as LeBron James or Soulja Boy. The niggars have a complete lack of integrity and character and will likely try to steal or rape white people because "they are all racist mo'fuckas."
"Sit yo ass down, Tyrel. Let's all pray. Lord Jesus, please bless little Tyrone that he may win the Ghetto Lottery, otherwise he gon' be stuck in da hood till he shot by some otha nigga. Amen."
by ProfessorEbonics October 29, 2020
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Blacks making a lot of money by suing someone or some company or authority alleging racism.
The woman won the ghetto lottery by successfully suing the grocery chain for terminating her, claiming racism.
by Bangalore guy February 13, 2011
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