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being on food stamps, section 8 and welfare you have your nails ,and hair done in the latest weave,a large Gucci purse.You give your man your food stamp card to slide so you can say he takes care of you. He has on Jordan's (that you bought him) and your kids are walking around bare foot with a heavy diaper.
"Hey girl I seen your new J'z, even tho you on food stamps you living ghetto fabulous!"
by Rebecka Wicker August 31, 2008
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To be hood and fabulous. To live in the "hood" yet drive a Mercedes, rock a Rose Gold Jacob, and sport the latest designer goods. In other words Livin good in the hood....the true and exact definition.

Can be equated with inappropriate spending on depreciable items instead of items that build wealth.
Did you see Don whippin that bentley, playboy is straight ghetto fabulous
by Safir October 14, 2006
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you live in the ghetto yet you are always seen with the latest of errthang
standing at the bus stop decked out in name brand clothes and shoes, fresh hair and nails, talking on a cell phone, gold or platinum grill, iced-out wrists, fingers, ears, and neck, with a big, colorful unbeweavable that's ghettofabulous!!!
by ladona513 December 02, 2005
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Referring to the style of nouveau riche people who have grown up in ghetto or urban areas. The combination of bad taste,an urban aesthetic and desire to wear one's wealth. Basically, high priced but tacky clothing and accessories.
People with million dollar homes decked out all in black, gold and black glass.The expensive version of cheap Korean store furniture.
by that girl nina April 17, 2004
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the term for a quality of living which exceeds the urban squalor common to most ghettos.
as in "Did you see kenny's new rims, dog? That fools living ghetto fabulous"
as in "Did you see Kenny's new rims, dog? That fools living ghetto fabulous"
by Ken Squires January 15, 2004
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when a person from the ghetto gets money, he or she tends to buy expensive things that any other rich person would not. such things and such people are ghetto fabulous.
that lowered '74 cutlass supreme on dubs sure is ghetto fabulous.
by shmee April 30, 2003
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Spending money on items that are not of a necessity, when there are things that you actually do need; Not making wise economic choices with one's money for the sake of appearing "cool" or wealthy; Vanity.
Ghetto fabulous = My co-worker drives a Benz truck but still lives in an apartment in the hood.
i.e. A wiser decision would be to buy a house and drive a more moderate vehicle.
by Georgia Peach March 14, 2006
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