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An alternate name given to the game Paper-Rock-Scissors. Two outta three, bitches. With this name, if you win, it's instant street cred.
Ron: I challenge you to a GHETTO DEATHMATCH!
Dwight: Ok!
<Round One>
Ron: Scissors!
Dwight: Scissors!
<Round Two>
Ron: Paper!
Dwight: Rock!
<Round Three>
Ron: Paper!
Dwight: Rock!
Ron: I win!
Zach: If this was the ghetto, you'd be dead, Dwight.
by ILC Digi August 03, 2005
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another name for rock paper scissors, except if you play in the ghetto and you lose, you die.
I lost a ghetto deathmatch. If this was the ghetto, id be dead
by Dwight August 17, 2005
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