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The lord of all nether-realm dwelling ghasts that may only exist in one (there may not be multiple Ghastlords). Ghastlord is usually brought into power by killing the previous Ghastlord or by heir to the throne.

An appropriate (but not necessary) way to reference Ghastlord is by his number of hosts. (Ghastlord IV, etc.)

Ghastlord is not known to be anything but a spirit that takes on another organism (usually human) and lives symbiotically in the same body with him/her.

It has also been noted that Ghastlord has granted his past hosts the ability to morph into a ghast and back to their original forms. Those who have morphed into a ghast have reported no recollection of their afterward actions until returned to normal state.
"Ghastlord then commanded his army to breach the castle."
There has been no stranger king than Ghastlord.
by Ghastlord November 11, 2017
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