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Not to be confused with "get over it," to "get over" is 70's African American slang for getting through the hard times. The opposite of "going under," when a person gets over they manage not to fall apart when things are bad.

In a more simple use, "getting over" occasionally was used to mean dealing with bills/taxes and getting out of the red.
"We gotta get over before we go under." James Brown

"United we can get over, and yet we're still apart." Willie Hutch

Sentence: "There's nothing I won't do if it means getting over for another day."
by A Lone Jazzman December 03, 2011
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Graffitti art, literally. Either it's existence or the act of.
'The Art of Getting Over' (Book)

"I met up with EBYN when we were getting over at the trains last night."
by SamsonSimpson May 16, 2006
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