Tyrone: "Hey man! Did you see that concert last night"
Bubba: "Naw man! I was getting Bucked!"
by Nate_Man_wright August 4, 2007
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To get crunk, the act of getting crunk. Crunk is a state of sustained wildness, usually charachtarized by "crunk music." In white dude terms, moshing.
Yo, that party at Tyrone's house is gonna be off tha hook!!! We always get buck!!!!!
by DangerousZANE January 12, 2006
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Acting agressively towards another person.
Person 1: *shoves person 2*
Person 2: Why are you getting buck with me?!
by Beyoncesdaughter January 7, 2014
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get buck means get totally shit faced and probably end up fightin someone and knockin boots after word
yo when i bounce ova to tj's house tonight im finna get buck!
by jrizzle245 January 31, 2008
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To become extremely angry and vow consequences upon those who have caused you nuisance.
That muthafucker tried to step to my girl, so I'm gonna get buck on his ass.
by LuchaDor04 October 28, 2003
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