get stand.. get up.. with more emphases and the person who says to you get the fuck up might be a little nervous.
Get up = someone asks you to get up with calm and normal voice.

Get the fuck up = someone is angry at you and wants you to get up.
by Fercps December 20, 2011
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To get twisted, puzzled, blazed. To drink, to smoke, to pop pills and just get shit goin.
Tonight, we're getting fucked up.
by Martdogg February 10, 2008
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When someone asks you if you want to get drunk as fuck together, with tha boys!
Yo, bro you wanna get fucked up tonight?!?!!
by LarryEnticer August 22, 2017
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Back the Fuck Up Before You Get Smacked the Fuck Up - A Term Or Sentence used when someone has done something wrong or has fucked up. Or when they are obnoxious.

1. When You talk to much
2.When you forget to pay a pimp
3.Fucking with people.
4.What the hell is wrong with you?
Bob: Hey yo ted wheres my money Nigga?
Steve: You Better back the Fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up bob
by Tech581 September 22, 2009
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