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A literate way of telling a whore to GTFO. For the times when a simple "fuck off" just doesn't do it for you.

Often used when condescension is desired, this term leaves a lasting sting that can only be made by citing shakespeare. Confusion, hurt, and self-doubt often are common side effects experienced by its victims. To be used wisely, or not to be used at all.
Whore: "Hey there, buy me a drink?"
You: "Get thee to a nunnery, skank."
Whore: *sob*
by MC Hamlet, Esquire February 01, 2010
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A statement to a woman that either the world is too harsh for her innocent beauty, or that she innocently brings pain to all the men around her because of her beauty, or ideally, both. The idea is that it would be better if her beauty were left unappreciated for all of her life.
Hamlet: Get thee to a nunnery. Thou wouldst not be a breeder of sinners
by February 23, 2009
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