A phrase that is believed to have first been used in the town of Blackwood, South Wales by boy racers cruising up and down the high street to get the attention of good looking female members of the population.
"Get Your Rat Out" literally means expose your Vagina or Vulva. In the late 1990's it became apparent that "Excuse me Madame, but would you mind showing me your vaginal opening, only I'm rather fond of you and all that" was no longer acceptable, hence a much shorter phrase was required. Recently, since 2004 "Get Your Rat Out" has been shortened to just "Rat Out". Academics have theorised that within the next 5 years this will be shortened to just "Rat", as motor vehicles become faster thus making it more difficult for one to shout “Rat Out” whilst passing some rather delicious ladies.
"Oi Love! Get Your Rat Out!"
by FoxThree June 13, 2006
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get ur fanny out
oi get ur rat out
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
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a phrase used largly in southern england.

The common beleif is that the phrase originated in Tadley, hampshire but has been heared as far as leeds.
used to get the attention of a young lady.
lit: pardon me young lady, please show me your undercarage
look at that bird..... oi girl....... get ya rat out
by disaster138 August 12, 2009
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to reveal ones pussy/cunt/punani/lady cake..... when a female exposes her kebab.....vagina
alright darling, get your rat out!!!
by Ryk Turner February 2, 2005
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If you see a fit bird you would say “get your rat out” and she will instantly drop her geggs. Promise
by Jiggle Bum 99 May 4, 2018
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Get your rat out means get your fanny out

Say this to a girl n she will instantly cream
by Barmy handley August 26, 2022
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formed by a section of borden grammar school AkA S.S.R.... GYRO an abreviated excample of GET YOUR RAT OUT!!! when a young male drives in his motorcar past a female he finds very attractive he may tell her to get her rat out this meanin please expose your vigina for me.
Oi luv Get ur rat out aka GYRO u sexy lady!!!!
by Birdman boi June 18, 2007
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