A saying that is referred to someone doing really bad at something, or is new to something.
by oooohboujjjj April 30, 2019
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{Get Noob} means that you are (A. Asserting dominance over whoever you are saying it to. (B. Insulting someone. (C. Complimenting somebody.
Bobby: I had sex with your Mother.
Flamingo: Get noobed, buster.
Bobby: : O yes
by JohnHeckerson June 29, 2019
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when you make fun of someone or if you kill someone in roblox you say get noobed this word was first used in gamer egypt when they said GET ANOOBIS making fun of anubis
by spaz bat October 09, 2019
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the thing you see 9 year olds with the bear fuckboy mask on roblox saying somehow
like, seriously, noboody fucking cares.
it originated from albertstuff/flamingo though
Me: "ok what the actual fuck are you on rn"
by acorn5687 August 24, 2019
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When your so toxic that you finally kill someone and hump it in there face
by Thatomedude October 18, 2020
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1. When someone is a complete noob, and they seriously need to get real.

2. They are so noob like that they are far off reality, in which case they need to get a hold of reality, aka get real. and since they are infarct a noob to start with, we say get real noob.
Example #1:

noob: whats LoL?
cool dude: league of legends
noob: whats that?
cool dude: wtf, get real noob!

Example #2:

aS.ShaDow posted:
I agree with your opinion because you know how it feels to be famous.


You cannot be serious. You are trying to say that its tough being famous and therefore people should feel bad for people who can't handle the fame and turn to drugs?

Get real, noob.
by m Ali Jahed December 20, 2010
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When your date passes out at a party, before you hook up.
Getting party noob tubed... My friend brought a girl to a party, she passed out early due to being too drunk, therefore makng her a "noob" at partying. Getting noob tubed is when someone in call of duty takes a grenade launcher and kills u with it. Only "noobs" use it and it's annoying to be killed by. So when a girl passs out early and you dont get to hook up with her... you were just party noob tubed. AKA pnt.
by subaru02wrx November 21, 2010
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