When something is so unbelievably stupid, the only response is to demand its devolution to an amphibious state.
- Got a spare £314,000? Then buy a printed version of Wikipedia
- Get in the sea
by Angrylol June 19, 2015
the act of fornication (getting some) on the ocean, preferably on a Carnival cruise line. Usually with a random whore, (slut)(tourist)(cruiser)(tramp)(15 year old hoe)
Yea i heard Josh was getting sea on the sea yesterday, his gilfriends gonna be pissed.
by Jason and Josh July 7, 2006
When you’re on the South Coast, most notably Southsea, and someone is being a total din they should always be advised to get in the fucking sea
Boy is being a total din
Girl ‘get in the fucking sea
by Naty D April 17, 2020