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a rallying cry to consume large quantities of alcohol in the hopes of becoming shit-faced drunk and blowing chunks; most commonly used in Wisconsin
"Hey you knobs! Get blasted!!!!!"

blasted drunk wasted hammered pissed plastered blitzed tanked intoxicated shit-faced
by Splooge Machine November 08, 2010
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Get F***ed Up.
Get hit or smoked in the face.
Parents: Can you clean your room?
You: Uhh, Get Blasted!
(Seriously, try it. It works.)
by J.M. 510 August 01, 2005
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smoke laced weed. Back in the day all the young homies on the block smoked weed laced with pcp.
I'm bout to go get blasted on that shit Pedro has. We bou to get stupid dumb.
by NDNpimptress January 13, 2007
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