Guy: sorry bb i can't talk any longer im finna get robbed

Girl (5 minutes later): wtf you're on twitter you lying piece of trash
by imnotclever September 19, 2017
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The Quote/Reason Why Sheldon Cooper Doesn’t Hold Open Doors For People.
If You Hold A Door For Someone And They Rob You.
Lenard:HEY,HEY Hold The Door!
Sheldon:Hold The Door Get Robbed Some More!
by LegendaryUrban October 10, 2018
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When someone named Robert sticks their fingers in the anus of an unsuspecting victim, and leads them around like a puppet while spitting tobacco juice on the back of their head…Used to establish dominance or create humiliation
‘Help I’m getting robbed!’

‘She lost all respect for her husband when she found out another man robbed him.’
by CreakingTom October 14, 2021
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