Hey, I need to Get A Ride but he/she keep playing
by Jody josh October 23, 2019
Irish way of saying to have sex, get laid.
Siobhán got the ride last night in Coppers.

"How did your date go? Did you get the ride? "
by Teangeolaí February 28, 2016
Use to say when you want someone to ride. Usually a Lowrider : 64, 63, 62, 61, 59 ranflas or 30's bombas.
"HEY vato, que pasa hermano? watch my mothafuckeen sixtyfo' mayne! i get your ride on !"
by S.D Ranflaholic May 28, 2007
a question asked to kids of all ages of middle school by a little turn-eater with road kill on his head named jastin
when your parents pick up this little moucher he askes for a ride fto burbank so he doesnt have to use his bus tokens
by Korn911 April 20, 2005
Words asked every day to kids of all ages by an annoying turd-eater named Jastin with a piece of road kill on his head
if your parents pick you up this little moucher will ask you for a ride so he doesnt have to take the bus and use all his bus tokens on the way back to Burbank
by Korn911 April 20, 2005
When you’re rocking out, slaying, and making salty sailors sit on your lap while eating a werther’s original. ROLL TIDE!
by Bean60 December 14, 2020