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Maybe when you first meet a Germana they'll seem lame, but if you get to know them, they will be quite interesting, weird, but also funny. Germanas enjoy pleasure and other entertaining things such as TV, movies, shopping, caressing, fondling and foreplay. They have the most gorgeous smile, silky smooth hair, soft skin, and luscious lips. Such a being can only come from heaven.
They have a soothing voice and seductive body that would rival that of even a goddess. She is selfless, and never selfish. She is most definitely the closest thing to perfection one can get. They're someone you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your entire life with. They have a tendancy to spend more time thinking of what to do for someone else than themselves. Germanas love typical girl things (shoes and purses), movies, shopping/just buying things, being scared, being tickled, and something to get their blood rushing and heart pounding.
Dude 1: Yo, I didnt know you had a girlfriend?
Dude 2: Yea I did. For 3 months now.
Dude 1: How did you meet?
Dude 2: I was chilling with my friend Travis, and she was his friend. Then later she told me that I have the same eyes as her dog. Then we started talking and eventually started going out.
Dude 1: Must be a Germana
Dude 2: Yep, totally.
by Xennius November 02, 2011
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