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The act of a fact being completely twisted. The person, after realizing his mistake, will deny his fallacies just to be a stubborn ass.

The source of the term comes from the O'Reilly Factor, from its constant use of misconstrued facts.
John: Why are people voting for Obama? He's Muslim!
Ethan: That's an O'Reillyed fact, dude.
John: No it isn't. It's true! He's a terrorist!
Ethan: No, seriously, look it up on Wikipedia.
John: Fuck that! Wikipedia is usually wrong anyway!
Ethan: You're a asshat, you know that?
by Phil Deviant April 20, 2008
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A word for very artsy-fartsy pieces of work that usually looks terrible, but due to shallow rich people has become ridiculously popular.
Jim: What the hell is this? It's just a bunch of trash piled on itself!
Sam: Do you have no appreciation for aht?
by Phil Deviant June 17, 2008
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1. The study of politics on a larger, nationwide scale.

2. A word Bill O'Reilly throws around to make the person arguing with him look stupid. Bill usually says it to people when they question his stances on the Iraq war.
Do you want to argue geopolitics with me Dave?
by Phil Deviant April 20, 2008
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