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A generous loyal friend who is always by your side. Very sweet, corny, sexy, nice, beautiful, jawn, polite, and ladylike. She is known for her sweet and creative mind, and she has a wild imagination. If you know her long enough, it's possible you'll be best friends for life.
That Gennaidy is my best friend.
by gennrocks38 November 22, 2016
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A great loyal fiend, beautiful, corny, proper/lady like, jawn, enjoyable company, and wise. She will be your best friend for life, and she will try to help you any time she can. She will never forget you!
Gennaidy is such a nice person. She is so cool. I wish I was Gennaidy!!!
by gennrocks38 November 21, 2016
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Gennaidy is a girl that everyone likes. She always seems to be in a good mood even on her bad days. She puts on a smile and always tries to cheer people up. Gennaidy is a sight for sore eyes, she is a girl that guys fall in love with the first time they meet her. She is not like other girls. She is always trying to do the right thing. Some might say sheโ€™s perfect. Sheโ€™s beautiful and intelligent but doesnโ€™t admit to it. When Gennaidy finds her special someone she is loyal to them and expresses and shows her love. There is not one person who could stay mad at her, they would just want to find their way back to her because theyโ€™ll remember what a wonderful person she is. Gennaidy is a girl who is out of this world!
Gennaidy is so genuine and kind. I love Gennaidy!
by Alexis123fine June 17, 2018
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