vrb. To switch your phone from Silent to General profile after a cinema/funeral/business meeting etc.
Fuck, dude; That lecture was shite. Now, allow me to Generalise...
by Dreadnought44 April 9, 2009
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The ability to generalise; generalisation.
Me: I was doing my psychology revision-
Teacher: Congratulations! You're the only one in the class!
Me: Well, you used the word 'generalisability' in the guide you gave us. Didn't you used to teach high school English and should know that that isn't a word?
Teacher: ...it is a word.
Me: No. It's not.
by GingerGenower May 17, 2012
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A terrible condition that plagues the affected mind with depression, fear, terrifying thoughts and overall anxiety. The affected person usually suffers from panic attacks and suffers from depression.
"The doctor says I have Generalised anxiety disorder, which explains the panic attacks lately."
by MedicOfNormandy1883 November 1, 2013
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