The term Gendersex is a reclaiming of the broken two-word schizsm redacting a failure of activism and stitching together two words which used to be synonymous but have been misused for the last 45+ years. Gendersex refers specifically to the biological makeup that is gender and sex. Most people are confused on the terms gender and sex in the current era. Gender has always been the scientific term for sex. Sex has always been the layman's term for gender. They were and have been synonymous for most of history. In the 1970s a feminist professor redefined the words separating them, claiming gender was behavior and 'sex roles' while sex was the mere, basic biology / physicality. This does a great disservice as with the advent of genetics and the full mapping of the genome we understand that biological sex plays a HUGE role in much of a person's life and behavior. But of course some of you will say 'what about what gender was before the new term applied' - simple. We had terms for that previously. Gender roles. Tomboy. Sissy. Etc. - The new redefinition of 'gender' was silly and redundant as terms existed for individuals who were male but acted feminine or neutral and females who acted masculine or neutral. Use Gendersex as a term and show the world you understand they are synonymous and just because we've done the WRONG THING for almost 50 years doesn't mean we have to continue to do so.
Martin went to sexual education classes in Junior High which taught him that gendersex was binary and a person is born either male or female.
by Electronicoffee January 11, 2019
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When one or more genders have intercourse,

should fertilization occur a new gender might be created. Due to this fact, in order to maintain the binary that holds society as we know it together, and to eleminate any need for critical thought (um, eww? am I right?) all genders made post 2016 are done so through cloning, and are infertile. Should two genders ever engage in coitus it risks triggering the third impact.
Oh shit! Fuck!

The Gender has breached the Central Dogma!
Shinji! You must prevent gendersex at all costs!!1!!one!!!
*gender vs giant robot battle ensues*
by Adequately sticious July 29, 2019
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