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Adj. 1. Anything or anyone who dismantles stereotypes of social roles based on gender.
2. Full of ideas that are grounded in theories of gender (ie. feminist theory, queer theory, post-modern and post-structural theory, social change and activism, standpoint theory, intersectionality, postcolonial theory, and critical race theory).

The opposite of sexist.
Borgen is such a genderful show. OR I saw this really genderful article on the NYT today OR Nordic parental leave policies are so genderful OR Feminist Ryan Gosling is such a genderful meme.
by cimorene May 27, 2014
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a. Full of gender.
b. A state of having one's genetalia bursting forth from their loins.
That dude's pants are so damn tight on him! Fool thinks he's all genderful and shit..
by The Sandman December 10, 2003
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