A threesome between a man, a woman, and a non binary person
Person 1: hey man i had a gender spectrum with emily and alex
Person 2: aight
by john clearwater from brooklyn February 25, 2021
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The gender spectrum is a diagram of gender identity and is more inclusive than the gender scale. As opposed to having only two endpoints, male and female, and then some gray area in the middle, the gender spectrum includes people who are genderfluid, androgynous, more masculine, more feminine, trans, etc.; It is represented as as a sort of circle split into thirds by three arrows. One arrow, labeled x, represents a male gender identity. The second represents female gender identity, labeled as y. The third, labeled as z, represents a neutral or androgynous identity. Through this, the gender spectrum allows for those with non-binary identities to be recognized.
The gender spectrum helped me explain my non-binary gender to myself and peers.
by queerpeer November 26, 2013
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