Gelos is the minor Greek god of laughter.
First mentioned by Roman writer Apuleius, though not known if Gelos was considered a real god or was simply an invention of the writer.
Person No 1: Do you know who the Greeks knew as laughter?
Person No 2: No... Did they even have one?
Person No 1: ... Yup, and his name was Gelos.
by Too Obsessed With Mythology January 20, 2013
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a cute guy and really fun guy to be with
girl 1 " hey look at that guy, he's cute"

girl 2 "oh yeah that's gelo"
by gelo321 May 26, 2009
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1. To steal, shoplift or thieve.

2. Getting a steal in a basketball game.
"Paul George collected 4 gelos in tonight's game."
by Lee Ann Gelo Ball January 6, 2018
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a cute ass lightskin who goes to NHCSB, he will finesse ya thot at any moment so be careful! and lastly, he is the owner of ya mom.
by getmoney144 February 4, 2020
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In psychology, a group of related, often repressed ideas and impulses that compel characteristic or habitual patterns of thought, feelings, and behavior.

Mostly used to describe an attitude of disappointment for things that do not meet up a certain expectation.
Person 1: The waiter's supposed to get it done, he had one job and he blew it.
Person 2: You're getting the gelo complex, I see.
by SAYKOLOGI August 20, 2013
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