A strong able man capable of destroying anybody. A man who belongs to a group or a firm of which carries out regular attacks on others. The geezer in their home would normally wear stone island clothing covered by a north face jacket. The geezer would have to have a job involving a trade for example a brick layer or a painter and decorator. The geezer will never use public transport unless going out for a raw piss up or a family gathering at christmas. The geezer would have to have a skin head that is cut by there wife. A geezer is not just a dude or a man it is a strong decent member of the species who drinks many many pints of beer. The geezer would discover regular cuts and bruises of which they dont know where they came from. The geezer would never cry.
Geezer one: You alrite mate, pub yeh
Geezer two: What you think you lunatic.
Geezer one: Wait i just got to put some clean pants on, i have had these on for the past week.
by Nathan Pacey September 20, 2008
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An elderly gentleman having the qualities of wisdom, loyalty, chivalry, humility, and gratitude for just making it another day in this world.
Many geezers gathered to celebrate the passing of their dear friend, swapping stories of their exploits during the war and fondly recalling with perfect clarity tiny moments of camaraderie: the stick of gum shared three ways during shelling, the corny joke meant to salve the pain of a "Dear John" letter.
by Irishgent February 4, 2018
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A hallarious event, joke, or predicament. Usually accompanied by a knee-slap. Interchangeable with the word “knee-slapper.”
Bro you know the test that I failed yesterday?

- Yeah?

Well the teacher inputted into the grade book as an A!

- Lol what a geezer!!!
by Chazz Finster August 31, 2020
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An old asshole who drives slowly. Male geezers can't get it up.
Mike: Who is that fuck head who is driving so slowly?
Tom: Must a one of those fucking geezers
by Sean DeFile May 3, 2003
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An old grump that no one loves; a democrat
Scrooge, Barack Obama, the Grinch, geezer
by Michaelah95 January 10, 2009
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Southern way of spelling geyser.
A Geyser is something that spouts shite on a regular basis, there is one in Yellowstone Park - Old Faithful. In a way, it is sort of like a cockney loudmouth trying to be cool and dandy, regularly spouting shite to try to impress but in reality fails and makes himself look a right pillock.
My black cat is blacker than your, 'cos im a geezer.
by Blacker Cat November 14, 2008
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Slang for a redneck bloke who doesn't make any sense at all.

To properly pronounce, say, "ghee-ZAH".
*in a club*
person1- "Do you see that person over there?"
person2- "yeah."
person1- "he's a filthy geezer."
by deadsushisocks June 7, 2013
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