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Having an obsession with anything vehicle related! Spending hrs and hours researching and building a particular type of vehicle to perfection. While being amazing at everything!
Those Gear Monkey’s spent hours building thier ultra4 vehicle!

That Gear Monkey was moving quick through the desert!

Baby don’t worry, I’m a Gear Monkey!

I wish I was a Gear Monkey to be as cool as that guy!

Don’t worry I can Gear Monkey it!

He was driving like a Gear Monkey!

If only I could Gear Monkey

She was totally Gear Monkey last night!
by The Gear Monkey May 09, 2018
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Airline or airplane co-pilot/first officer. Sits in the right seat.
Hi, I'm captain Ace Aviator and this is my Gear Monkey, Joe Blow.
by Hawkerdude July 06, 2012
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