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The allpowerful homosexual GOD named Nathan.
Thank Gaythan you're still alive.

Pray to Gaythan no one finds out about your dick addiction.
Praise be Gaythan.
by Antonio casellas May 29, 2018
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An All-Powerful Deity of Memes who shall appear before one random child each Christmas Eve and convert them to gay. Due to his high status on the Council of Memes, he protects his followers on Soundcloud and the Holders of the Gay - his legion of chosen individuals who have been scholars of him their wholes lives with the soul purpose of enlightening the world with gay.
"Praise be! The Lord Gaythan cometh!"

"Gaythan, my lord; we have turned the entire population of California to your holiness."
"Very good my child, you have fulfilled your mission; rest now."
by H3r371c_M4ch1n3 September 10, 2018
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