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A kind of gatekeeping specifically found within the LGBTQ+ community (this could relate to either gender or sexual orientation).
"Nonbinary people don't belong in the trans community!"

"Stop fucking gatekeeping, Brenda,"

"Or rather, gaytekeeping ;)))"

"I'm bi and this is my boyfriend ton-"

"Oh you're not allowed here if you're dating someone of the opposite gender. This is a queer safe-space."

"But I'm bi??? I'm still queer even though I'm dating a gu-"

"Not queer enough!"

"I'm a trans guy but sometimes I like to wear my old dresses... am I trans enough?"

"No! You're not actually trans."

"I'm a trans lesbian but I'm butch and sometimes I feel like I have to constantly prove to people that I am a woman."

"But you're not! You're not truly trans! Why transition if you're just going to act like a man anyway?"

"Straight couples shouldn't be allowed at pride!"

"But what if one or both of them are trans?"

"Or bi?"

"Or pan/omni?"

"Or ace?"

"Or aro?"

"Or demi?"

"Or maybe you just misgendered someone?"

"Or maybe they are cis and heterosexual and just are kind and true allies who want to show their support."

"The point is, stop gatekeeping. Pride isn't a place for negativity. Quite the contrary, it's a place for solidarity and support of one another."

Be kind to eachother, kids. We're in this together. Happy pride!
by Nooneim Portant June 12, 2018
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