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A very stereotypical Italian man who is also gay. Most likely to live in either North Jersey or South Philly. Tends to like gelled hair, gold chains and rim jobs. Can be an insult to really annoying Italians or simply an objective description of someone. To be a gaytalian someone must be either mostly Italian or must act in a manor that makes one believe that they are Italian.
most well known gaytalian -Marlon Brando

Wow after that break up Pete's been a real Gaytalian.
by 4BUzz May 15, 2009
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1 An insult for North Jersey Italians who act in a way that shows they are overcompensating for being secretly gay.

2 A guy who pretends to be a North Jersey Italian

3 any Italian who wears a V neck as a for of formal-wear.
North Jersey is full of gaytalians.

-Hey wanna go to the club?
- NO its thursday thats when the Gaytalians hit it
by fdat June 05, 2009
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