A young gay guy that is learning the ways of the homosexual world via the guidance of an older gay social whore.
Dammn that guy is such a cute gaysha!
by Greekster May 05, 2008
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Japanese gay person.

Do not mix up with Japanse "gaisha" which means "foreign cars" (made in countries other than Japan).
Tourist: "Isn't that geisha girl so tall?"
Kyoto lady: "Actually, she must be just a tourist, there are many instant kimono costume play services. And Geisha is used only for elder female professionals, meaning "an elder professional ('sha') entitled with degrees of many traditional skills ('gei's) like dancing, singing senryu-composing and so on. Young apprentice girls are called 'Maiko'"
Guide: "By the way, the word 'talento' means a seleb in Japanese, mostly for a person without any professional skill or special titles."
Kyoto lady: "So I guess that tall dude must be a 'gaysha'."
by GoldAndButman August 19, 2011
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An insult to call someone gay, in a more interesting way since it is dagerously close to 'geisha'.
Don't touch me gaysha.
by bgAlakazaM September 20, 2006
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The word gaysha is used to call a female gay. It has the same meaning as the word lesbian except it has been designed to be used as a joke rather than as a homophobic term.
Girl: Hello boy.
Boy: Hello gaysha, how are you today?
by joe03x September 28, 2019
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