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A person named garrett that is gay making the name gay-rett. This kind of person is often affiliated with retardation as there iq is about 10 and the brain is small just like their penis. Gayretts penis size averages to about 1 millimeter and often times can be inverted. Gayrett does not know anything he doesn't even know how to spell trivago. The last thing that you can identify a gayrett by is that they or he often jerks off to family photos and he has anger problems sometimes he will cuss you out saying "fuck" at least 15 times and he sounds really funny and it's easy to laugh at. He always tries to outsmart people but it never works out because he's too fucking retarded he also pronounces names and words with a 5-10 second holdback like ma Xxxxxxxxxx
That is the gay retard that we know today as gayrett
1. That's so gayrett
2. How do u spell trivago?
3. Why is gayrett such a little snitch on me for playing my PlayStation
4.Gayrett says he carried me on rocket league or some bullshit
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