A general term for the collective cultural, political, and social concerns of homosexual men. Encompasses lifestyles, music, fashion, idioms, slang, sexuality, advocacy, and activism. Most commonly represented by the symbol of the rainbow.

In contemporary usage, the gay community is allied with the broader LGBT community.
The Stonewall riot was a watershed moment for the Gay community.
by priesencolin March 2, 2014
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Any forum of which the true intention of the webmaster is to meet up with gay and bisexual men in real life, but masked as something else. Can also mean 'Lame' or 'Stupid' community.
A good example is googlecommunity.com.
"The people at googlecommunity.com are gay."
by Intelliot sucks cock February 26, 2005
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Gay Space Communism is a utopian society without gender norms, labour, and inequality. It's a naively optimistic outlook on the future, and all its advocates are aware.

The term originates from the ideology "Fully Automated Luxury Communism" which evolved into "Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism" / "Fully Automated Luxury Queer Space Communism". These versions of the phrase are the key in understanding what Gay Space Communism entails.

Fully Automated - Every production is operated automatically. As a result, there is no need for people to do labour anymore.
Luxury - Since work is obsolete, every citizen lives in comfort.
Gay/Queer - Rejection of heteronormativity. Gender, sexuality, and all such social constructs are abolished.
Space - This form of society is only attainable in the distant future (in a "sci-fi-esque space civilization"; post-automation, post-work, and post-scarcity).
Communism - Products are provided to every citizen based on their need.
We must not settle for anything less than Gay Space Communism!
by MrKacsa October 19, 2023
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