A gay best friend, usually used by a female to describe her homosexual male BFF.
"Sorry, I already made dinner plans with my gay bae"
by Round The Way Girl July 19, 2016
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Person 1: "wow man she's such a fag hag."
Person 2: "I know she has like 20 gay baes."
by iKotuya September 19, 2014
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a relationship between two best friends where they act like a gay couple, but they are in fact best friends. Homosexual tendencies, but with no homosexual feelings
Girl 1: OMG ily so much, let's just get married already!
Girl 2: IKR! Plan our wedding already!
Guy 1: Are those girls lesbians?
Guy 2: No, they're just gayBæs.

Girl 1: Aww I love the scrapbook you made for me! Thank you so much, ily!
Girl 2: You're welcome!
Girl1: Aww, you're my gayBæ forever!<3
by little cat February 25, 2015
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