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In the UK, children aged 18 and competing for university places take exams called 'A' levels. Some subjects such as Maths and Physics are generally quite Hard, while other subjects such as Sociology and Media Studies are generally quite Easy.

The kids who are too lazy to get a job but who nevertheless still want to bum on the taxpayer for a couple of years without actually wanting to do any proper work do the Easy 'A' Levels, or 'Gay' Levels.

The others become dentists.
So, Steven what did you get in your exams?
Chemistry A, Physics B and Maths B.
Wow thats pretty impressive. How about you Samantha?
Sociology D and Media Studies E.
Ha ha. Samantha did fucking Gay Levels. (makes L shape on forehead to show how lame Samantha is).
by goody5 December 08, 2010
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