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A disgusting, sub-human being of caucasian (white) ethnicity that thinks and acts as though they are of black ethnicity, also will act thuggish, wears baggy "hip-hop" clothes and acts tough to try in an attempt to boost their social status. Many times they have a personality complex and dress and act in this manner in order to cover up their problem.

See also: wigger, twink, wankster
Hey man, look at the gay gansters over there on the corner yelling at the girls, it's going to break their hearts when they finally realiz they are white!!!
by Jake February 21, 2005
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An undesirable person, usually male, but can be female as well. Can be used in place of "faggot", "asshole", "jerk", "dickhead", "retard" etc.
Yo yo what up? Come join my gang. I'm a gay gangster, homie. My anti-penis gang.
by aufgoq January 31, 2008
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