Man last night a girl gave me gawk gawk 3000 and my soul left my body.
by Cheeks destroyer September 1, 2020
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by September 29, 2022
a blowjob that takes your soul
last night this girl gave me the gawk gawk 3000. I almost didn't make it out alive
by ikilledmiguelsdog September 1, 2020
I just got the best gawk gawk 3000 ever from my girl bro.
by BIGGIANTPPMAN April 8, 2022
Performed during or before sex. Often called as blowjob or BJ. It got its name from the sound women's (or gay's) throat makes during deep throat session. It is a blow job that'll take your soul away.
Girl:since you've been a good boy, you deserve a gawk gawk 3000 later.
by Piyaya01 June 9, 2021
a blowjob that takes your soul (in a good way). it normally, if performed properly, only needs a few seconds before you cum everywhere. is often seen in hentai.
chad: i wanted to fuck her till she couldn't walk but she didn't want to.
kyle: you should've just asked for the gawk gawk 3000 dude
by queerbastard November 19, 2020