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Gavyn he’s the type of guy you can trust yeah he bully’s you but he cares about you so much. HES really fine, his hair is so perfect and his eyes and everything. He would be the perfect boyfriend and he’s loyal and he tries to find the perfect girl for him but they keep playing and he’s funny and a chill person but the most important thing is that he’s generous and hot
Girl #1 “look at that boy over there”
Girl #2 “he’s cute”
Girl #3 “that’s gavyn every girl try’s to get at him “
Girl #4 “that’s the guy I was talking about I like him he’s really nice and chill “
by Violetabigailll September 25, 2018
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A person of this name is usually a very loving and caring person with a big heart. Definitely a sensual human being with a strong personality. They tend to be weird and odd. They might come off as a complete weirdo, but they can be the most sane person you know. Give them love, and they won't leave your side. Treat them bad, and they won't argue, they'll just leave. They need someone to love and rely on.
Girl one: I love him, but he can be such a Gavyn sometimes.

Girl two: awe! He must be super compassionate then!

Girl one: He is, haha.
by Twitchytwichy July 04, 2017
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Half human half polar bear cuddle monster. Afraid of loud noises,likes tummy rubs and singing. A word to describe a hug that engulfs you. A person who should live in Utah or visit often. Possibly a summer home. While in Utah Drink adult beverages, sing songs, and make up new dance moves. Lover of puppies, children, Tattoos, music, pixie sticks and snorkels. A person who loves people completely. Takes good care of his friends. Offers an insight that most don't see. An all around wonderful person that most people are only so lucky to encounter.
by becnbob February 25, 2010
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Autistic cunt who indulges in turtle porn in his free time and masturbate to his frog. Struggles with simple tools like rulers and like boomers, he does not know how to use computers and gets triggered. Gets mad when called out as a retard or a fat oily bastard and will threaten to shove his dick in your face. Stay away from the Gavyn’s in your life.
Stop eating so much, you gonna become a Gavyn!
You’re so retarded you about to become Gavyn
Fuck off Gavyn
by OrackBarama November 26, 2019
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Gavyn is a dick who cheated on his girlfriend and can’t be trusted!!! Gavyn why did you leave me????
Come back Gavyn!!!!
by Da real beotch November 13, 2018
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A piece of shit who won't help you through your depression and break up with you by calling you a friend in an argument.
Guy 1: Yo, she looks so sad sitting by herself at that table. I heard Gavyn left her at her worst time in her life.
Guy 2: Yeah. Any guy with that kinda name shouldn't even be fuckin' trusted.
by SlIpKnOtAnNiHiLlaTiOn December 14, 2018
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