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The holy trinity when it comes to the payment for getting a ride from someone

Gas - the first way of payment for a ride
Grass - The payment when someone doesn't have cash and is a guy but have weed
Ass - the way born females pay a guy bc they don't have cash or grass
And no one rides for free
Gas, grass, or ass the way to pay someone for a ride but usually gas is first used as payment but females usually pay with da ass, grass is the payment when someone doesn't have gas money , and ass is only used when born females don't have gas money or grass
by Dr.Snake53 March 20, 2018
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the Holy Trinity of what a rogue vagabond biker needs on his eternal nomadic travels.
1. Robbie filled his motorcycle tank with gas today, he bought some doobies so he can chill out tonight and Shelley (who he met at a roadside tavern-casino on Highway 93) - well, she's his ... you know...
Gas, grass and ass.

2. On the school playground Mark had on a faded denim jacket that showed a biker with a nude chick smoking weed on a Harley hog together. The caption said "All I need is gas, grass and ass".
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 26, 2010
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